Give us more money

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has asked well-off Ugandans to donate more money to the national COVID-19 task force.

Appearing on NBS Eagle, Sunday evening, Nabbanja said that government needs more hands to contain the second wave of the pandemic.

The prime minister said that all the money that was contributed during the first wave of the pandemic was put to its use, and Ugandans need not worry about accountability.

Nabbanja’s call for more money comes at a time when several sections of the public are still demanding accountability of the over Shs 29 billion that was collected in the first lockdown.

Several media reports have also carried stories of health workers crying out to the government over inadequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) but Nabbanja said that all is not true.

Nabbanja said that all the money that Ugandans will contribute this time will go into buying COVID-19 vaccinations, as government plans to vaccinate at least 50 percent of the population by December this year.

Asked about what she thinks about the voices from the public which claim that the money contributed last year was eaten, Nabbanja said that is an insult to them.

Nabbanja said that the media and Ugandans at large should stop the blame game because Uganda is not different from countries like America and Europe that were also overwhelmed by the pandemic.

She said many people contributed to COVID-19, some gave them cash and they decided to buy vehicles for all districts.