“The price of COVIDEX should be between Shs6k- Shs12k,” says COVIDEX developer Prof Ogwang

Prof. Ogwang Engeu Patrick, the developer of COVIDEX, a herbal local medicine has revealed that they are receiving overwhelming demand for Covidex.

Last week the National Drug Authority authorized COVIDEX, a locally made herbal remedy as ‘supportive treatment’ for COVID-19.

The development led to an instant increase in the demand and also led to the hiking of its price. Most outlets have been selling COVIDEX between Shs30000 to Shs100000.

Prof. Patrick Ogwang says COVIDEX is only Shs5000 at the factory, at the pharmacy, it should not go beyond Shs12000.

“The price of COVIDEX should be between Shs6000 – Shs12000, no one should purchase it more than that,” says Prof Ogwang.

Prof Ogwang says the drug is available in abundance as his team at Jena Herbals Limited are doing their best to ensure the availability of COVIDEX countrywide.

To address the issue of over pricing, Prof Ogwang discloses that they have chosen Rocket Health, Ecopharm, Spring pharmacy and Mildmay to distribute their products.

 “We choose to start with those who are already working with to support with supply chain management. We plan on getting more distributors especially upcountry – by region because they too need the medication,” he says.

On the making and usage of COVIDEX, he reveals that Covidex is an old formula that has existed for over 10 years.

“We only repurposed it for COVID19. Covidex cannot be used alone currently. We are now undergoing clinical trials for more tests,” he explains.