COVILYCE 1, a herbal drug developed Gulu University which they claim can heal COVID-19 within 12 to 72 hours, seek Shs200m to boost production

Gulu University’s faculty of Bio-technology and Pharmaceutical Studies (PharmBiotec) claim they have invented Covilyce 1, a herbal drug that can heal COVID-19 within 12 to 72 hours.
The university scientists say the drug has been made from natural herbs that they have been trying out to treat various infections over the years.
According to Dr. Alice Lamwaka, a senior lecturer at PharmBiotec, at least eight herbs have been integrated in their final formula and they have been administering to Covid-19 patients in the community since January 2021.
Dr Lamwaka explains that they had four fomula but after trying out Covilyce 1 on over 70 patients, they agreed to settle on that. Covilyce 1 is made in different forms that include; powder, nasal drops, (anal) suppositories and (syrup) linctus.

She claims that the herbs can cure the patient’s signs and symptoms of Covid-19 between 12-72 hours of getting treatment. Those with mild symptoms of Covid-19 are given the nasal drops in their mouth, ears, and nose and also get well between 12-72 hours.
Patients whose infections have gone to their chest use the linctus which goes down through the systemic circulation. Those with co-morbidities, Covid-19, hypertension, asthma, ulcers, and diabetes, use the powder in combination with the linctus and nasal drops and cut off viral infection within 12 hours.
Then patients who are unconscious, can’t swallow, on oxygen, or have difficult breathing, use the suppository which is administered via the rectum.

Dr. Lamwaka says despite the good feedback from the community about their product, they are yet to start mass production due to financial constraints. Therefore, they are seeking Shs200 million financial assistance from government to boost production.
They have already employed about 200 herbalists at their faculty to boost their manpower capacity.
The National Drug Authority (NDA) is yet to receive any official communication from the University regarding their Covilyce 1 so that they can start the process of approval.
Recently, NDA approved the use of Covidex, another herbal concoction from Mbarara University.