MPs task Deputy Speaker Among to officially reveal the whereabouts of Speaker Oulanyah

Legislators Hon. Joseph Ssewungu and Hon. Gilbert Olanya have today afternoon tasked the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ms Anita Among, to explain the whereabouts of the Speaker Jacob Oulanyah who has not been seen in public for close to two months now.

Oulanyah was last seen in May during his swearing in as Speaker. The Members of Parliament expressed concern that it would be prudent if the House was formally notified about the Speaker’s absence.
“We want to know what is the fate of the Speaker of Parliament. We are 529 MPs, even if he is down we must know that he is down. When the former speaker Rebecca Kadaga was sick one time, MPs were informed. Non of us is coming out to give the public what is happening to the Speaker;” said Hon. Ssewungu.

The Kilak South MP, Hon. Olanya, said the electorate especially in the northern region of Uganda, are constantly demanding for an answer about status of the Speaker.
This was however ignored by the Ms Among who didn’t provide a specific answer but only said: “there is a speaker in this House, there is no vacuum.”