There is no lapse in security, UPDF is on top of the situation – Jim Muhwezi

Minister of Security, Rtd Maj Gen Jim Muwhezi has reaffirmed UPDF’s commitment to safeguarding the country from terror attacks, saying there is no reason to panic.

Muhwezi said that from a security point of view, the terrorism threats in the country are manageable and that security is taking measures.

“We cannot say that there is a lapse in security. Security has managed to keep this country secure for many years, and Uganda has been one of the safest places to stay,” Muhwezi said.

The country has witnessed two bomb attacks within a space of three days, and security described the acts as “domestic acts of terrorism” that are sponsored by the ADF terror group.

Muhwezi said that the two attacks, especially the initial blast in Komamboga happened due to ‘laxity’ which could have been avoided.

He said that terrorism of domestic nature is real in Uganda and that the ADF is interested in promoting it, but assured the country that “security is on top of the situation to stop them.”

“We are calling on the population to be vigilant. Security will come up with new guidelines for different operators – bus operators, restaurant operators, and others,” Muhwezi said.

He said that eastern Congo has been the haven for the ADF, and this why it has taken them long to deal with it, because the rebels exist outside the country. He was however quick to add that security is working with the government of DRC, and they shall soon manage the rebels once and for all.

“For those who tried to come into Uganda, we managed them. We followed Lakwena up to the Central African Republic, and he has never returned, the same will be said of ADF soon. You cannot mess with the UPDF,” Muhwezi assured.

Muhwezi urged Ugandans to be vigilant, saying that the public should work hand in hand with security to bring terrorism acts to an end.