Five Arrested Over Suspected Fish Poisoning

Five fishermen in Kaliro district are in police custody for suspected fish poisoning, along Lake Nakuwa in Gadumile sub-county.The suspects are Anthony Mukisa, Swaliki Baligeya, Dan Kalenzi, Issa Mugweri and Nicholas Ibanda.

They were arrested this morning and locked up at Nawaikoke police station. Their arrest followed the recovery of 70 pieces of mature Nile perch fish estimated to weigh an average of 280 kilograms in a period of two days.

Bosco Namundudi, a fisherman says that fish poisoning leads to the destruction of breeding areas. “Our lake is small and since this poison being applied by some of our colleagues is acidic, it contributes to the complete destruction of fish breeding areas, most of which are located under rocks and along the shoreline, causing us to register low fish catch,” he said.

Suleiman Magino, the chairperson of Nakuwa lake fishers association, says that the suspects apply poison across the lake causing fish to suffocate, die and float on the water. Magino says that the suspects collect the poisoned fish and sell it to unsuspecting members of the public in different markets both Kaliro district and the surrounding areas.

He says that such acts threaten to deplete the fish species in the lake and the general health wellbeing of clients, who indirectly consume unspecified amounts of toxic substances accruing from poisoned fish.

Kaliro District Fisheries Officer, Michael Balikowa, says that they are liaising with police to expedite inquiries into the matter and ensure that the suspects appear before reputable courts of law. Balikowa reveals that they also recovered 50 beach seines from illegal fishermen along Lake Nakuwa.